Booking it and getting booked

Exciting post today!


First things first, I booked my test.  Ahhhhhh!


I never did that well at tests as a kid in school so I’m anxious but I booked with my fave coach so I think it’ll give me some confidence.  I did a private testing 2 days before we head to Vegas in hopes that I could celebrate *knock on wood* and also not worry about having a few drinks and killing my stamina the week before the test.

What I’m nervous about:

  • Still skipping… my footwork has improved a ton but sometimes I just can’t find the rhythm!  I’ve moved on to alternate footing and some rope tricks but some days are much better than others.
  • Getting through the arm exercises… I tried it for the first time this week and my shoulders oddly feel bruised.  Still need to practice.
  • Not screwing up the lingo of what the coach calls to test
  • Not having the 24 classes in before test time.  Going to be suuuuuper tight given my business trip next week.  But the last thing I want is to do 6 classes in a row before test day, I’ll be exhausted.

The testing is private but I’d definitely share my time slot with someone if they want to go earlier.  Speaking of… quick selfie with my boxing friend (also known from coach as the Boxing Sisters).


Nothing like a sweaty selfie after filming some combos so we can both get our practice on.

And the best part of today’s post is a video (thanks Kiersten for helping me out!!) so you guys can check out my progress.  The first portion is focusing on simple jab/cross combos with a bit of forward/backward footwork and then the second portion is defense.

Part 1:  A lot of focus on front and back movements with 3 types of jabs (standard, step-jab, double-jab)

Part 2: Parry-parry, parry-slip, sweep-slip, parry-step back  (now you’ll be able to see what I mean when I say that!)

My blog is free but it doesn’t allow for videos to be embedded so I’ve posted it on YouTube.

Check it out:


12 days until the test.

7 classes until I qualify to take the test.


Can I make it?