♪ ♫ Everyday I’m Shoveling ♪ ♫


Hopefully you caught that reference… if not… it’s a song… here’s a screenshot from the music video:


Yup, that’s a good creepy start to the blog!  🙂

Well what an awesome 2 weeks I’ve had at the gym and I thought what better of a send off to Vegas tomorrow than a kickass post today… especially because the gym’s closed for a snow day!  I had contemplated walking uphill both ways to get there but was pretty relieved to see the notice!

Things I’ve learned the past 2 weeks:

  1. Shovel hook – A hook to the body, 45 degree angle
  2. Upper cut – J shaped motion up the chin
  3. Fade – A defensive footwork move (I mainly feel like Michael Jackson when we practice)

Even more amazing thing that happened the past 2 weeks:

Steve came to watch me at class!!! 

Ok, one downside to him coming… it was my second class in Green which was at the end of the monthly lesson plan so he got to watch me be confused for an hour.  But I’ll take it!!!  He got to the gym just in time for the technical part of class (no need for him to watch the cardio at the beginning) and the awesome girl at the front desk showed him where the other “parents” sit to watch.  Hehehehe.  I always thought it was cute to see the parents in the watching area, now my hubby’s up in the pen!

He took some awesome pics though:




Me paired with a girl partner (ahh I can’t remember her name!), Jin, and Coach Steve.

Steve was also able to get some videos taken!!  Again, reminder, everything in the video is me struggling to learn the last lesson plan for something brand new so I don’t look the best 😦

And then some heavy bag work, again trying to figure out the load and angle of the shovel hook:

Side note I have no idea how I was able to embed these videos but I just got pretty excited!!!

So the not so fun part of my schedule, combined with learning the shovel hook, is of course the fact that my body is not happy 😦  This is through pads.  But this is nothing compared to the amazing bruise on one of the coach’s sides!!  Shout out do Dan for his amazing bruise.

Day 1, Day 3, Day 5


Needless to say Steve has had fun chasing me around the house tickling me… or forgetting that I’m in terrible pain and reaching over for snuggles.  😦  For once, I don’t like snuggles.  It’s ok, the trip to Vegas will give me some time to let the ribs heal.

On that note… a break to Vegas means a break to my super healthy eating and no booze!!  YAY!!!  Tomorrow marks my 50th day of no crap food, no dairy, no chocolate, and no booze.  I feel remarkable, of course 🙂  The only thing that’s not going to feel remarkable is the day after I have my first drink in Vegas!!

So a few decisions have been made from now until my next test, hopefully mid Feb:

  • I’ll have some liquor starting Vegas to New Years but go back off until test day
  • I’ll stick to zero cheese except feta (it keeps salads doable daily)
  • I’ll stick to no crap and no fried food
  • I’ll stick with my 5 days of boxing and 1-2 days of yoga

This morning.. I happily stepped onto the scale to find I’m down 10 pounds.

Woooo go me!!!

8 more pounds to go which I’m hoping to do by test day, thus why I’ll keep the strict rules in place after new years. Wish me luck 🙂

Coming up the next couple of weeks… practice, practice, practice on the shovel hook, upper cut, and fade.  I’m especially going to focus on footwork and using my legs.  I hate hearing over and over that I’m all arms!!!  I’ll take the feedback and focus on it.

Now c’mon Vegas… I’ve earned it 🙂

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