Fight Night #51

I finally attended my first live boxing fight!!

It’s funny.  Through this process a lot of people ask me “So who’s your favorite boxer?” but because this sport is new to me, it’s not like I’ve spent my life following the athletes and so I don’t have any.  Hell, up until a month ago I thought Rocky was a real person.  I’m pretty sure Steve is still laughing about this…  I know this because every time I’ve come back from a class he asks “Was Rocky there?”.  It’s a mortifying thing to share, but what’s the point of a blog if you’re not honest and in this case, vulnerable? 🙂

That being said.. because I started during the same time as the Olympics I was familiar with some olympic boxers and was delighted to find out that Claressa Shields was rooting for me and Kiersten. See below 🙂


If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.  And kudos to Kiersten to building that relationship.  #parrysbeforesweeps


OKOK back to the fight night.  First things first, I have a deeper burning desire to get in the ring.  Most people asked me if it made me more nervous to get in there, heck no.  I want to spar so badly.  I was sold when a microphone dropped from the ceiling for the announcer… it doesn’t take much to impress me folks.  Kiersten was more blown away by the announcer voice.  Equally cliche.


A shot from the last fight but as you can see, the announcer is badass.

Top 4 things I learned from Fight Night:

  1. I’m pretty sure a walkout song isn’t a thing at this level.  Sigh.
  2. I’m pretty sure a walkout with an entourage isn’t a thing at this level. There goes my need to have an embroidered satin robe with a dramatic hood.  2x sigh.
  3. No ring girls?  Outraged.
  4. There were spit buckets!! That part of my dream lives on. It’s the one thing Steve won’t let me practice at home…

There were several exhibitions and then a couple key fights.  A highlight of my evening was seeing Simone in the ring (you know I can’t wait to join you in there!)


The other highlight of my night was seeing the main event.  It blew me away that fights could happen without head gear but I learned that after 10 fights, you and your opponent can agree to both wear head gear or both not.  I can’t stand head gear or helmets (softball days) but given that this is a hobby and not a career, I can’t picture ever wanting to fight without the head gear.  Don’t worry mum.

My favorite clip from the highlight fight is here:

I think the number one takeaways I had from watching that night was how important it is to always keep moving.  I have the worst habit of doing a combo and then standing there proud that I completed it.  You know I did the same thing in softball…  hit the ball hard and fast and stood at the plate and watched it (while my dad yelled at me to run).  I do remember getting used to the idea of hitting and booking it, maybe I can work a little harder on this at class.

Those were my highlights… the highlights of our boxing friends?  Seeing Kiersten and I in makeup.  Clearly there’s no difference in our looks in and outside the ring right…..?



What’s up for this week?

Although I often feel like my hook is improving, every time I do target work with Coach Dave I feel like I take 10 steps back.  It’s what we refer to as the DP (terrible acronym) but it stands for the Dave Panics.  He’ll likely grin as he reads this but I’ll one day get over the fact that he intimidates me way more than the other coaches so I panic and forget everything I’ve ever learned.

In other news… for those who don’t know… my right knee has been causing me a world of pain.  I have an amazing Osteopath (shoutout to Becky) and Chiro (shoutout to Lindsay) but unless I take a break longer than a day, my knee problem isn’t going to solve itself.  I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so it’s a lot saying I’m even considering taking a week off.

We’ll see.

Apparently the constant lunge stance and then deeper lunges to body punch have led to a patellofemoral tracking issue.  In short, my kneecap is not tracking straight and instead it’s grinding up against my femur.  Yes, it’s as painful as it sounds.  During class I don’t notice during target practice because I’m full of adrenaline but outside of that I’m in a ton of pain.  Maybe Steve will give me the talk tonight about the “long term goal vs. short term gain of taking a rest”…  but we’ll see if I listen. 😉

I’ll see if I can focus on the core body movements (still do some dynamics stances and twisting) but less of the lunging, squatting and overall exercises.

Today’s rest day so my feet are up, and the wine glass has been poured.

Wish me luck this week.