Starting in 2013, I’ve created yearly fitness goals that have always been one step past crazy.  My personality is stubborn, so the only thing that motivates me is when I tell someone I’m going to do something and they say “There’s no way.”

In 2013, I wanted to become a Zumba instructor.



In 2014, I wanted to run a half marathon.



In 2015, I took a mini break aka my challenge was to survive our wedding 🙂

Also, complete! *phew*


It’s already late July and it occurred to me that I hadn’t set my 2016 goal!  After some brainstorming, I had an array of options on the table like full marathon, triathlon, mountain biking, snowboarding, you name it.  Although a great list, nothing really lit the fire in my fitness belly.  And then it hit me.. I’ve always been interested in the idea of boxing but how could I take that idea and take it one step further?  Ah yes, what if an average person like myself was able to condense a training schedule and fight in a match in 12-16 months?


And here we are.