I did it!!!!!

Firstly, sorry for not posting in the past week.. I have been exhausted from practicing for today’s test and I’m so happy to say the extra work paid off.

Oh man, where do I even start?

Firstly, a shout out to Steve for being my punching bag for the past 3-4 nights as I’ve been practicing my combos.  Boxing has definitely been on the brain, I’ve even snuck in a few jabs at work along the hallway.  I’m positive some coworkers won’t mess with me now.. who’s that crazy girl punching the air?  Oh ya, that girl from loyalty.. don’t mess with her =/

Who wants to mess with the girl who didn’t have her gloves so she settled for oven mitts because her hubby didn’t want to get tenderized in the belly?

This girl:


But anyways back to the test.

All day, super stressed.. I just kept repeating, if you can get past the first 2 minutes of freestyle skipping you’re good.  It was honestly the only thing keeping me up at night.  My boxing bud Kiersten kept reminding me about the power of muscle memory and that’s what a lot of our classes are built on.  Build the technique slow, then add on power and speed.

I got to the gym, awesome girl at the front greeted me with a “TEST DAY!!!” which of course made my stomach rumble.  The gym was packed and the first thing I thought was I have to get my lucky skipping rope before other classes take it… rushed over, found it, hid it in my cubby just in case 🙂  Can you imagine the panic if I couldn’t find it? Yikes.

Coach Nick then walked me through how the test was going to go.  Of course starting with the skipping *stomach rumble*, but then endurance was split into two with the technical testing in the middle.  Funny, I thought to myself “Hey that’s a great breather… ha, ha, ha funny Shannon…. a breather in a boxing class? Cute.”

Now, skipping.  The dreaded skipping.  So I was like OK, I’ve got my favorite rope (what am I, 12?) and I’m just going to focus on a point on the floor and just get through this.  He says start.  I start jumping.  20 seconds in he asks me to spell my last name… are you kidding?  Now I’m cursing Steve for having the world’s longest last name.  OK done that, back to focusing on the spot on the floor.  Owner walks over and decides this would be a good time to chat with me about how my day’s going.  Seriously?  I mumbled something like “I’m in the zone!!!” which he of course then took a moment to just keep repeating my name loudly.  Sigh.  Timer buzzes.  YES!!!!  Now…………. 48 minutes to go.

Series of strength requirements like pushups, some strength work with the heavy bag, shadow boxing with the heavy bag, etc.  Then it’s time for technical.  Keep in mind I’m already drenched.

The technical is done on a demerit system where I can’t make more than 6 mistakes.  That’s not too much room for error, especially when we’re running through over 30 technical items, 2-3 times each to ensure understanding and then static vs. dynamic movement.

Let’s just say….

Image result for nailed it

I had 2 mistakes, I knew going in it wasn’t my strongest move and it was 2 mistakes on the same move type.  It’s a body punch with a deep lunge (ugh, I hate that word).  He walked me through it afterward about why he thinks I’m having difficulty with it and how to work on it going forward.  I have a hard time understanding a move that’s only half of an actual move.  For example, when he told me that the step-in body punch is actually used to finish with a hook (which I haven’t learned yet), my mind would be able to comprehend the need to step in because I can’t sink a hook (pun intended) without being close to my opponent.

A couple wins from my test feedback:

  1. He couldn’t believe I started 6 weeks ago.  6 weeks.  I can’t believe it’s only been 6 weeks.
  2. He said I have a ridiculously fast stationary jab-hook combo.  Fast hands are key.  I think it’s because I have T-Rex arms so it’s not like they have far to go.
  3. He said my strength and body condition is outstanding.  I’ve always dealt with body issues and all that so it’s just so nice to hear from a professional athlete (No Steve, you don’t count) that I’m in great shape.

What’s coming up:

  1. I updated my Excel spreadsheet to map out when I’ll be eligible to take my next test if I keep as focused as I have been for the past 6 weeks.  Yes, I have an Excel spreadsheet.  Last week of November is my target test week.  I have soooooo much to learn.  The test will be harder, the strength portion will be longer and there will be less room for technical errors.
  2. I’m going to firm up my schedule so I don’t do 5 classes in a row a few times like I did the past few weeks.  I’m so tired.  A more rigid schedule will help prevent this.


I think that’s a wrap (what? another pun?) for tonight.

Off to Vegas this weekend to celebrate. I think we’ll make this a ritual for every test I pass.




Author: Rookie to Rocky

Follow me on my journey from zero boxing training to fighting in an amateur match.

2 thoughts on “I PASSED!!!!”

  1. Congratulations – you’ve found an amazing team at Griffins Boxing Gym – it’s a place I called home for over 6 years. Looking forward to seeing how you go – enjoy the adventure and excited to read about your journey !!

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