Ohhhh-oh we’re half way there…

24 classes needed to get to test day.

12 classes down.

12 to go.

Test day has been set:  September 29th!!! 34 days away.

I’m getting anxious, this will be the first of 4 tests until the fight, but more importantly the first of 3 tests until I actually get into the ring to spar.  Make no mistake, I’ve been punched in the face and ribs more times than I can count in the past 2 weeks.  Don’t worry, I’ve returned some of those punches 🙂  They mainly remind you that you clearly haven’t ducked fast enough or that you failed to defend a step-jab to the body.  I’ll learn eventually, I just need to practice.

So let’s take a second to reset everyone’s expectations (including my own) of my journey before describing what my test will entail.


I’m prettying sure I fielded several calls during the Olympics from a certain someone… (mom)… so thanks Olympic slow motion shots showing blood flying from every punch to the face.

Back to what’s in the test and a little fact/fiction game. The test is broken into 2 pieces:

  1. Strength and Endurance

Skipping is a crucial part of boxing warm-up… FACT!  2 minutes of skipping non-stop (sound easy?  I dare you to pick up a skipping rope)

100 bag punches in a minute

100 crunches in a minute

1 minute plank (easy peasy)

Lunging while holding a heavy bag over your head and steering it from left to right for a minute (not fun)

Roadwork is a crucial part of boxing training…. FICTION!  No running on this test.

7 1-minute arm endurance sets (criss-cross, up-down, flying motion, etc.)

2. Technical

Jab-cross combinations – What does this look like?  This isn’t me standing there and punching a heavy bag, I’m in a ring advancing, stepping back, left, right and hitting targets with the coach.

Body punching – Can’t hit the coaches body? You won’t pass.  They’re swift little movers.

Boxing is all about offense…… FICTION!  Defense isn’t about protecting yourself, it’s about getting yourself in a ready position to strike.

Jab defense combinations – 4 of them: Parry, sweep, slip, step-back.  My back hurts so much from slipping I have actually shed tears.

Cross defense combinations – 3 of them:  Parry, slip, step-back.

Boxing counter punches can take out an opponent……. FACT!  Defense-counter punches set you up to swiftly divert in the opposite direction that you throw a punch so that you spring back with force.  It’s an amazing tool turning my back into a solid layer of muscle. Your whole body throws the punch, not just your arm.

Jab and cross defense and strike combinations – 6 of them… I won’t even both describing but I’ll definitely get Steve to shoot a video one day of me doing them.  Needless to say this is where I get punched the most.


Well that’s the test, all in 25 minutes.


Easy, right?






Author: Rookie to Rocky

Follow me on my journey from zero boxing training to fighting in an amateur match.

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