Broken nails and records

The exhaustion has already set in.

I’m struggling to balance workouts, workout buddies, and rest days.

The result…  I broke a nail.  Devastating.


You may laugh but for those who know me know I love my naturally long and strong nails but this is the first of 2 to completely snap in my boxing gloves mid-practice.  My nails are arguably my one girly attribute but they’re slowly chipping away… pun intended.

OK, OK.  Moving on to more important things.

Boxing week 2 is going well.  The one thing I can say is that having short arms is killing me until I get better at judging distance from fist to target.  Every time I throw a heavy punch and miss, pain shoots down my back.  That pain hasn’t gone away in a week.  Mainly my fault for not taking proper rest days. The picture below pretty much describes my short arm syndrome during practice.

Oh!  I’ve happily made a friend at the gym… hesitant to share the story here in case she randomly finds this blog and realizes the meet-cute was plotted by yours truly.  If you really want the story leave a comment and I may get the courage to share.  Otherwise I think the boxing gods heard my last post and granted me a shadow-boxing partner.

Now the important win of the week which is keeping me going despite my exhaustion.  Breaking records.

I’ve been supplementing my boxing with training at the gym to get fitter, faster.  I’m surprisingly a fast runner although my nickname growing up was…

My run isn’t pretty.  But it gets the job done.

A personal record I broke a long while ago was running 12mph on the treadmill.  This week I broke my ultimate record of running 12mph at a 12% incline.  A mere 27 seconds of bliss as Pitbull blared through my headphones.  I’m pretty sure I was grunting aloud and that people were staring but I didn’t care.  2 years of interval practice finally paid off.  Finally.

Another new addition to my training this week was box jumps.  2 and a half feet… so about up to my hip bone.  Once I got over my fear of failing and having a video of it popping up on YouTube, I did it!  Thanks to my friend Lea’s support, of course.  I’ll definitely be adding this to the rotation.


What’s coming up this week?  I have a goal to spend at least 20 mins a day jumping rope.  Can you remember the last time you jumped rope?  Probably the same as me which was elementary school.. but it’s what we do to warm up at the beginning of each class. Ah yes, the ole boxing cliche of jumping rope.  Well, I’m terrible at it so time to practice.

Another practice item is breathing.  When your coach tells you that if you don’t breathe you’ll pass out after 3 rounds, but if you breathe with your mouth open a single cross punch will dislocate your jaw…. you decide to think about how to best circulate oxygen through your body.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear it.  I like my jaw.







Author: Rookie to Rocky

Follow me on my journey from zero boxing training to fighting in an amateur match.

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