Like high school P.E. all over again.

Although the title of this post is a bit blunt, I want to say I LOVED my first week.. but it was one hell of a roller coaster.

Where to start?

First class – Swag day!!  Yessss….


Signing up includes a jump rope, scan card, t-shirt, white hand wraps and red gloves (black was the alternate option but she said guys usually get black so red is easier to spot during class).

Even though I had already done a trial class, I lumped myself in with 4 other newbies so I could take it slow on my official first day.  It ended up being super awkward because we were an uneven number and shadow boxing between 3 people was like an awkward waltz.  Let’s just say class ended awkwardly and my confidence from my trial class had magically disappeared.  I called over the coach to talk about my goals of fighting and that led to a discussion that if I didn’t lean out by fight night, I’d end up in a ring with a 6 foot 2 girl with a reach like an excavator.  I appreciated the honesty because this is after all the “there’s no way” challenge.  He was trying to save me from getting pummeled. Needless to say I still shed a tear to Steve when I got home.

Wednesday I decided to take a breather and an evening hike to clear my head – figure out why my class didn’t go as well as the trial.  I think this view helped:


Oh right… it’s my first week.  Typical me, expecting to be a master on day 1.  After class on Tuesday, the coach told me that the most difficult part of boxing is the mental aspect.

I’m sure this is the first of many lessons.

Second class was completely different.. what a novel idea, I actually started learning and reminded myself to be humble.

The only thing that makes me anxious about going to class is knowing that we have to pair off after the warm-up to do partner work.  Lucky me though, as I was walking in there was a guy from my Tuesday class who was new too.  Warmed up together and the second the coach yelled out to grab a partner, he just vanished.  Next thing I knew, everyone partnered up and I was standing alone.  Ah yes, high school P.E. class all over again.  Who did I get paired up with, you ask?  The guy who went to the washroom and had no idea he was getting stuck with me.

Part of me gets it… I’m one of the newest ones there and they want good partners.  I was also the only girl in the class.  Where did the other new guy go so quickly?!

My partner was well over 6 feet tall but we ended up being perfectly matched – you really need chemistry and clear communication to get the footwork down and we were great together.  Coach came over a few times to help me with footwork (guess my 25 years of dancing isn’t transferable…sorry mom) but after a few tweaks I was swinging like a champ.  Three wins from today:

  1. My partner said “Are you sure you haven’t boxed before?”
  2. My partner after class asked me if we could be partners next week!
  3. Coach came at the end of class and said I was a natural.  Yessssss.  A natural.  Oh right, stay humble Shan.  *quietly whispers: yessssssssss*

Class consisted of a ton of footwork matched with standard jabs, step jabs and double jabs.  Sounds easy, incredibly difficult.  I just need to practice.  All day.  Everywhere.


What’s up for next week?

Things I’m working on:  Jump rope 20 minutes a day minimum, footwork, chin down while throwing jabs and getting rid of this head cold.  Missing my rest day this week was a big mistake, I’m incredibly run down and caught a bug which makes it impossible to focus at the gym.

On that note, I’ll leave with a quote from a boxer from whom I’m hoping to learn the most technique.

Fighting is a sport

if you’re not humble

it’s going to bring

humbleness to you.

– Mike Tyson



Author: Rookie to Rocky

Follow me on my journey from zero boxing training to fighting in an amateur match.

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